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Blurry Drops
Blurry Drops

Our Mission 

Inspired Theater Company strives for excellence as we create theater for all, bringing family values, integrity, patriotism and community together while using our talents given to us by God our Creator. 

As a Christian theater in Central Florida, we are so thrilled to offer a family friendly theater option for everyone. Our goal is to offer multiple performance opportunities all year long for Kids, Students and Families. 

If your family or business would like to be a part of supporting a theater where Christian values are prioritized, please contact us and we can work together in this ministry. 

In business since 2022, operating as a nomadic theater, we love partnering with churches, schools and community spaces to rehearse and perform. If you think you have a space that would be perfect for our next show, please reach out and let us know. 

 All participants of Inspired Theater Company must read and sign a Performers Contract to participate.  

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