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Blurry Drops
Blurry Drops

Character On Stage

At Inspired Theater Company, we believe in the importance of character — doing the right thing, not only when the spotlight is on, but also when no one is watching. Our dedication to honoring God with the talents He has provided us is paramount.
Our commitment to integrity extends to the material we choose for our productions. Every show is carefully selected to ensure that our students and cast can showcase their talents without compromising their personal religious beliefs. If at any point a student feels uncomfortable with the material, we are more than willing to make adjustments as needed.
Throughout the production process, we engage in open discussions with our student cast about the content and themes of the script. We provide guidance and encouragement on how to navigate theatrical material that may conflict with their beliefs, especially if they plan to pursue theater beyond our company.
Inspired Theater Company was founded with the vision of providing a safe space where Christian families can participate in theater that aligns with the values instilled in their homes. Our goal is to offer productions that mirror those family values, fostering an environment of faith, creativity, and community. 

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